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Why Hiring a Virtual Receptionist is a Game Changer For Your Small Business

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Simply put, Virtual Receptionists are game-changers. Many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs have caught on to this cost-effective alternative to full-time in-office receptionists. USAnswer Virtual Receptionists are based in Portland, Maine. Anyone calling your office will believe these friendly voices are your in-house personal receptionists. Thanks to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone technology paired with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), USAnswer virtual receptionists have all the important information to answer any questions your callers may have.

If that doesn’t sound appealing enough, here are three ways a Virtual Receptionist will change your business:

They Take Care of Business (Every Day)

● Answer phones
● Transfer calls
● Making appointments
● Take messages

They Buy You Time

● You can work smarter, not harder, with a Virtual Receptionist taking charge of your phone lines
● Extra time can be spent on other projects
● Extra time can give workaholics a much-needed break for hobbies or the gym…great for bettering your mental health!

They Save You Money

● USAnswer receptionists are live 24/7, This service starts at $98 a month.
● The average full-time receptionist’s salary is $2,200 a month. USAnswer Virtual Receptionists could save you over $2,000 a month.
● You don’t have to buy extra office supplies, computers, or phone lines, or pay for a vacation or sick time!

Virtual Receptionists are a clear solution to time crunches, customer service, and money! Don’t waste your money on full-time in-house employees when you can outsource for thousands of dollars less. It’s time to start working on your business, and not get bogged down inside it with phone calls. Let USAnswer pick up your phone today.

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