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Business phone answering services are the way of the world now

Small Business,Virtual Receptionist

Business phone answering services are the way of the world now for small businesses in need of a AFFORDABLE professional, informative, warm & friendly, live answering/ forwarding phone service.

How many small businesses can afford the thousands of dollars it takes to make up and run a traditional office, with a live full-time receptionist topping the expenses? Then there’s rent, our providers, utilities, etc.

You’re at $5K before you know it! Hence, the birth of the cloud based 24/7 live answering service for small businesses starting at $98 a month.

A professional Live phone answering service is critical and central part of most businesses in general. This is especially true for the 50 Million+ solopreneur small businesses breaking away from the corporate work structure to start their own business, while looking to project a bigger more professional image than they are, until they are. Your own virtual receptionist to answer, transfer, messaging & scheduling your calls and appointments.

USAnswer Inc. has been around for 10 + years. We know the drill. We offer Live answering service for small and medium size businesses from all walks of life around the country. We start by building a customer profile for each of our 200+ accounts that flashes up on our receptionist’s computer screen when calls come in for them. She/ he may then forward the call and/ or take a message and forward it to the account holder via text and/ or email, or the caller may want to go to voicemail.

Voicemail was a great invention coming from the pager & answering machine but current studies show that people who are calling around looking for a service (for example) in a field where there are more than a few competitors, 80%, of callers hang up when they get to voicemail and move on to the next. SO, why lose business? Hire a Live, courteous virtual receptionist and see the difference it makes.

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