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The Front Desk Of Small BusinessCall today and find out how we can empower your business for small money 855.254.0040

Why Are We Going Backwards?

Back in the 1980s, before voicemail (BV), if you didn’t get to the phone in time, you’d hear your caller starting to leave a message on the answering machine. No big deal, you could just pick up the phone and cut in. It was so straightforward and obvious, you didn’t even think of it as a feature.

Fast forward to today, more than 25 years later, and when somebody calls your mobile and you don’t pick up in time. You try calling them back, but it goes straight to voice mail. That means they’re leaving you a message. No point in leaving them one. You hang up, leave it a couple of minutes and call them back. If they are not still rambling on, you get through. So, they repeat everything they just said in the message. At some point later on, you notice you’ve got a voicemail alert. Huh, what’s this? Oh, it’s just the voice mail that my friend left earlier. Better delete that. Ahhh, that means you need to go back into voicemail, suffer through the prompts and recordings and listen to a short part of the message and then delete it.

Voice mail is still ingrained in our society thanks to the mobile carriers, who accumulate and charge for the minutes it takes to listen through there scripts and record or retrieve a voice mail.

Not since I was cleaning up hazardous waste sites in the 80′s have I ever been so passionate about disrupting an industry. And much like hazardous waste site cleanups, our Virtual Receptionist App requires a human interaction with advanced technology to provide a solution to this dilemma. In fact, we are determined to disrupt both voice mail and small business answering services.

What if, for $79/month, your calls were answered promptly and courteously and the receptionist knew if you were available to receive transferred calls because you had updated your status on the web or on your mobile device?…we do this. And what if, you got the messages we took immediately via email or text message or both?….we do this too. And what if, you could log in and view those messages, with prioritized ones on top, on your computer or mobile device? we are releasing this – this month.

Its about time we caught up. Voice mail will always be a liability for small business, but the good news is that emerging digital answering services, which include a virtual receptionist app, are giving small business owners more control over their incoming calls and an advantage over their competitors.