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What makes for the best professional live answering/ forwarding, virtual telephone service for small businesses?

Call Answering Service

One may say the virtual receptionists who answer the phones. This of course would be true as they are the front line of it all, but going deeper, the system itself and the level of functionality and flexibility at said virtual receptionist’s disposal is tantamount when trying to portray that the virtual receptionist who answers & forwards your phone calls is your “personal” receptionist, in the same office w/ you as opposed to that of a traditional off-site answering service or call center.  

A virtual receptionist is able to connect the caller to the one(s) being called as quickly, efficiently and professionally as that of a traditional in-house receptionist. To be able to do it at a $2,000+/- savings each month, speaks for itself. 

Hire a live virtual reception service to Simplify, $ave  and Succeed. 

Laurence A. Kelly / CEO

USAnswer Inc.

The Front Desk of Small Business


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