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What Is an Answering Service (And Why Do I Need One?)

Did you know that a startling 82 percent of customers report they quit doing business with a firm after a bad customer service experience? So while you may believe that leaving calls on voicemail is a harmless move, you may be losing clients without even realizing it.

Many workers are working new and flexible work hours as many companies transition to remote work arrangements. As a result, businesses are getting an increasing number of calls outside of typical business hours.

This is a plus for companies that provide 24/7 service. However, this shift might be disastrous for a company that only answers phone calls 8 hours each day. How many calls is your company losing out on? How much have those missed calls cost you? An excellent answering service will engage and satisfy callers. 

Are you ready to stop asking yourself what an answering service is, and why do I need one? Aside from that, answering services are beneficial for small and expanding businesses. So, if you are looking into getting an answering service, find out more about it right now. 

What Is the Function of an Answering Service?

You can use telephone answering services to replace or support regular on-site receptionists. These answering service firms handle phone calls and customer queries during peak business hours or after hours.

A comprehensive service will provide you with more than simply handling incoming and outgoing calls. The service can also, among other things:

  • Set up meetings
  • Book appointments
  • Send emails and faxes
  • Manage complex help desk problems, among many other things.

Thus, they are able to give the assistance that might lead to more repeat business and increased profitability. This assistance includes the following:

  • Increasing the level of client service
  • Managing call overflow in a productive manner
  • When you are overloaded, it isn’t easy to do your day to day duties
  • Providing assistance with marketing and sales
  • Keeping office expenditures to a minimum

With advantages like these, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are turning to ‘answering services’ when the circumstance calls for it.

Who Uses an Answering Service?

Answering services are used by companies of all shapes and sizes, from small firms with a few employees to giant corporations with hundreds of staff. It can be found in even one-person offices.

These are typically the answering service for small businesses:

  • Medical answering service
  • Other professional businesses answering services such as legal, technical, etc
  • Property management phone answering services
  • Religious affiliations businesses with answering services
  • Government agencies answering services

This answering service business assists companies in meeting the needs of their customers while also maintaining the brand’s professionalism. Furthermore, customers benefit from all of the advantages that answering services with a live agent provide.

What Are the Benefits of Answering Services?

Let’s look at the benefits an answering service can offer you.

Answering Services Answer Your Calls When You Are Busy

Your time is priceless. Don’t allow incoming calls to interfere with your or your team’s work. An answering service can connect with new customers, manage customer concerns and inquiries, and gather essential information when you are otherwise occupied.

Calls Can Be Answered While Your Business Is Closed

Not every call comes through during typical business hours. Rather than leaving potential sales chances to go to voicemail, take advantage of the flexibility that answering services can offer.

An Answering Service Can Save Your Business Money

Missed calls may cost a company hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every day. To provide exceptional customer service, you do not need to employ an on-site full-time receptionist. One answering service may perform the same function for a fraction of the price of hiring and training an employee.

Answering Services Increases Your Customer Satisfaction Rating

People like talking with another person. Customers value the personal touch more than ever in an age of technology and internet platforms. In fact, when making a problematic purchase or choice, most consumers prefer to speak with a trained human expert first.

Before lockdown, 56% of companies said their phone was their most essential business tool, and we expect that number to climb as more clients seek personal expert advice from a safe distance.

What To Look For When Choosing an Answering Service

So far, we’ve examined the benefits of answering services. Any company owner considering hiring an answering service should consider the following:

Trained Agents

Agents should be prepared to handle typical requests and issues from callers, even if they are specific to your company. In addition, staff should be trained to match your requirements, especially if you operate a very complicated or specialized operation.

Competence in Technology

Expect that the answering service spends some time setting up and testing everything. Errors in call forwarding, botched transfers, poor-quality phone equipment, and wrongly placed automated systems are all possible. A good answering service will be able to deal with these worries.

Answering Services Should Match Your Company Lingo

You need agents that can talk in a consistent business voice, using industry terminology and speaking in a tone that matches your brand. Of course, we’re all human and make errors, but how agents rebound is critical. Professionalism is as important as technical expertise and industry experience.

Hello, How May I Help You?

Answering services are trusted by tens of thousands of companies throughout America. These can range from lawyers to roofers to Doctors, marketing agencies to businesses, and everything in between.

You should choose an answering services company that stands out from a traditional answering service. One that places a strong emphasis on building human connections with callers, converting phone calls into relationships, and increasing customer satisfaction and passion for the companies that they represent. 

Are you considering engaging in answering services? Then contact us! We are ready to help you grow your business. Our team will get back to you quickly. We take great pride in providing the best customer service in the least time possible.

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