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3 Telephone Answering Service Benefits

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How Can a Telephone Answering Service Benefit Me

The idea of having a stranger you’ve never met answer your business phone might be off-putting. You don’t know how they handle calls, how they speak, or if they are as professional as your business strives to be. US Answer can help alleviate these worries and prove that these virtual receptionists can benefit your business in more ways than one.

1. Save Money:

The average annual receptionist salary is $26,400 or $2,200 per month. That figure represents one person, 9 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday, with paid holidays, vacations, and sick days. The cost of using a USAnswer live receptionist is $98 a month, or $1,176 a year. A telephone answering service with US Answer will save you $25,332 annually. Imagine what that saved money can do for your business.

2. Save Time

To say there aren’t enough hours in the day might sound cliché, but for business owners, it’s the truth. Whether you’re a one-person startup or a company of 15, having to stop tasks to answer the phone is detrimental to time management. A virtual receptionist insures you never miss a phone call and aren’t interrupted in the middle of projects and meetings.

3. Look Professional

Customer service can make or break a business. Customers feel frustrated when their calls go to voicemail or an automated voice service. 80% of customers just hang up when they reach voicemail, rather than bothering to leave a message. They want their questions answered quickly and by real people. US Answer receptionists pick up the phone every time, greeting customers with friendly and helpful voices. Prompt phone answering results in happier customers and a business that appears well-practiced and professional.

The virtual receptionists at US Answer are trained and skilled to answer any questions your customers might have –– and they’ll have no idea your receptionist could be 1,000 miles away from your office. When a call comes in, a pop-up appears on the computer that gives your virtual receptionist all the company information they will need. This may include links to your website, social media accounts, and other relevant data. If you are still wondering how a telephone answering service could benefit your business, give US Answer a call today.

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