We live in a fast paced business environment, in a world that is much more connected than it was just a few years ago. Our schedules are filled from the time we get up to the second we fall asleep. We make business decisions as we drive from work to our kid’s baseball games, we check our bank accounts and do payroll with aps on our smart phones and we schedule our next day on our tablets while we lay in bed before falling asleep at night. Our days are filled with technology and very little free time. Technology allows us to keep up with our fast paced lives. This technology gives us information about other companies and their competitors at the speed of light. When someone does a search they receive a list of companies, their contact information, their location, they even get a variety of feedback from clients that have used their services. Technology can also help us manage our business, with online services like https://bamboosolutions.com/sharepoint/services/sharepoint/ from Bamboo Solutions helping us keep on track of everything and everyone by using a SharePoint to improve collaboration between team members and accelerate growth. Technology is vital for businesses.

Take a look at your own small business and try to comprehend all of these things. You will realize that you cannot afford to miss one single call unless you want to lose business. With a lack of time clients will not wait for a call back or be willing to call your business at another time they will simply move on to the competitor that is next on the list. Information is at their fingertips and the competition is simply a click away.

How do you run a small business with a tight budget and also not miss a single call? In the past voicemail was the option and was a huge success. A personal receptionist is also an option for your business but it comes with a large price tag of at least 2 thousand a month in payroll expenses depending on where your business is located. What option is there if voicemail is a thing of the past and a personal receptionist comes with too large of a price tag? Virtual Receptionists may be your answer. Not only do they meet the goal of answering every single call your company receives they fit the budget and will likely increase revenue. If you look at calls received as new potential clients and a missed call as missed business revenue the service will typically pay for itself. The majority of businesses will pay between $80 and $300 per month and this service comes with much more than just virtual receptionists answering your phones. These companies take messages, answer your calls so your business sounds much more professional, schedule appointments for you and will make sure you never miss a new lead again. Have you ever missed a call because you were in the field or simply too busy or even just tired from a long day and then realized that this may have been a new client? If you hire virtual receptionists they will send you a text message and email stating that this is a new client and give you a brief message about what they are looking for. This is all done while they are on the phone with your client so you can call them back before they have time to call your competition.

We live in a time where technology allows us to keep up with our busy schedules and our small businesses must mirror this and fit the needs of our potential clients. If you are looking to keep up with your competition and grow your business then you must treat every phone call as a potential lead and new revenue. If you miss a lead the likelihood of getting that client back is very small so hire virtual receptionists and make 2016 your best year yet.

Give USAnswer a try with our 30 day money back guarantee and never miss another call again.