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Virtual receptionists are the way of the new world

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Virtual receptionists are the way of the world now for small businesses in need of a professional, informative, warm & friendly, live answering/ forwarding phone service.

How many small businesses can afford the thousands it takes to make up a traditional office, in which to house a full-time live receptionist, much less PAY for a full-time receptionist (@$2,000+/ month) along w rent and ALL the other expenses? Not many. You’re at $5K before you know it! Hence, the birth of The cloud based answering service for businesses for $89 a month. 

Professional Live answering is critical for a majority of businesses in general. This is especially true for the 50 Million+ solopreneur small businesses that are breaking away from the corporate work structure across the country and beyond. They’re breaking away to start their own business and are looking to project a professional image to appear bigger than they are until they are. Professional Live front office, Virtual reception/ forwarding/ messaging & scheduling service, 8a–8p M-F. 

USAnswer INC. is a 7-year old virtual, live answering service for small and medium size businesses around the country and beyond. We start by building a customer profile for each of our 200+ accounts that flashes up on our receptionist’s computer screen when calls come in for them. She/ he may then forward the call and/ or take a message and forward it to the account holder via text and/ or email, or the caller may want to go to voicemail.

Voicemail was a great invention coming from the pager & answering machine but current studies show that people who are calling around looking for a service (for example) in a field where there are a few competitors, 80%, of callers hang up when they get to voicemail and move on to the next. SOOOO why lose business? Hire a Live, courteous virtual receptionist for 89 George Washington’s a month at USAnswer, as opposed to 50 Benjamin Franklin’s each month for a traditional front office.

Unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

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