There are 50 Million people (75M within the next 10 years.) breaking away from the corporate structure to start and/or advance their own business. Many need/ want to have a professional image by having their phones answered professionally, by someone other than them on their cell phone, or their voicemail, where 80% of callers hang up when they get to it. To be able to give this image for $89 a month, as opposed to $2,000 (up from there w/ a $15 min wage) for a traditional front office receptionist, speaks for itself.

USAnswer (USA), a nationwide professional, Virtual front office, live answer/ transfer service that was created 5 years ago, seeing the need small businesses for cutting costs and to get a bigger bang for the buck he’s spending. buck, as the old way was sinking businesses across the board, illustrated by the many- “OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE FOR LEASE” signs everywhere.

It’s surprising that it took as long as it did, with ALL that overhead leveled on small businesses-$1,000++ for rent, $2,000+ for a receptionist, then utilities, taxes, insurance, supplies etc. It doesn’t take an economist to understand why small businesses are leaving the traditional office structure in droves, hence the emergence of the Solopreneur and the Virtual Office, hence USAnswer.

It is the aim of USA, from the caller’s perspective, to be seen as the ”personal” receptionist for their clients, in the same location, as opposed to sounding like a call center or answering service. In order to achieve this each call must be answered accordingly. With that, a screen-pop customer profile is built for each business that’s triggered by their phone #. Said profile flashes up on the receptionist’s computer screen when a call comes in for that particular business with instruction of how to answer, service, message, schedule along with a list of associates to forward calls to as well.

Whether it a Virtual Receptionist, Virtual Assistant or a Virtual Office, GO VIRTUAL and save BIG!!