Virtual Answering Service

US Answer provides Virtual answering service options for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for affordable options for receptionist services. If you’re interested in saving money, time, and looking more professional to your customers and potential clients, a Virtual Receptionist may be the answer.


Three essential reasons why a virtual answering service would benefit your business, regarding of the industry you’re in include:


– You’ll save money. With the average receptionist’s monthly salary averaging about $2,200 per month, you’ll save $25,000 annually over hiring a full-time receptionist in your office to answer calls, take messages, route calls, and do other in-house receptionist tasks that can easily and professionally be managed by US Answer. Just imagine how that savings could benefit your business, by being invested in other areas of your company to help it grow.


– You’ll save time. Your employees jut don’t have time to stop what they’re doing and answer the phone. US Answer knows your employees were hired and trained to perform certain functions within your business- just like theirs were. Time management is a serious factor in growing your business. A Virtual answering service will ensure that you never miss a phone call, and are not interrupted by callers in the middle of projects, meetings, or work.


– You’ll look professional. Professional customer service is the cornerstone of any business. Callers can easily become frustrated when their calls go to voicemail, enter an automated tree that takes them nowhere, or simply cannot get through to a person of importance. In fact, 80% of callers just hang, rather than leaving a message. A good portion of those callers will eventually find another business to deal with that offers them personal, live phone service when they need it.


Prompt phone answering results in happier customers, and portrays a business that is both professional and well-practiced. You’ll find the virtual answering service from US Answer to be trained and skilled to answer any questions your customers may have, and best of all, your callers will have no idea your receptionists could be up to 1,000 miles away from your office. 


When a call comes in to a Virtual Receptionist from US Answer, a pop-up screen will appear on their computer screen that will provide them with your complete company information. This may include links to your website, any social medic accounts you may have, and all other relevant data that will ensure that they can provide your callers with accurate answers to questions and information.


If you’re looking for a virtual answering service that provides all of the warmth and friendliness of your own in-house receptionist, someone who is familiar with you and your business, you’re going to love US Answer’s unique services. Their Virtual Receptionists will provide your callers with the same professional service that one of your own employees can provide, at a much more affordable cost to your company.


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