Virtual Administrative Assistant

If you’re too busy at work to answer your phone, consider a professional virtual administrative assistant from US Answer. Don’t miss out on another phone call- your customers are too important. It’s a fact that 80% of your callers will simply hang up when their call gets transferred over to voicemail.

Today’s customer is not satisfied going round and round on an answering tree or speaking with an automated message service. They can’t be blamed- most professional businesses are not opting to hire virtual administrative assistant to ensure that their callers are greeted by warm, friendly voices who can help them with questions and issues. If you don’t keep up with the standards of industry, you’ll fall behind and lose your clientele to the competition.

The good news is that a virtual administrative assistant is probably more affordable than you guess. With US Answer, their basic service starts at just $89 a month. That’s a huge savings over hiring an in-house receptionist, and can provide you with the same professional service that your own employee can.

For $89, you’ll get 60 minutes of call answering. You only pay for the time that it takes for your receptionist to answer your call and transfer it, or take a message, so that 60 minutes can go a long way toward answering your calls. If you find that the basic plan doesn’t quite meet your needs, there are several other plans and even a custom minute plan that is designed to perfectly meet the budget and needs of your business.

If you’ve been thinking about hiring a full time receptionist to tend to your business office needs, you’ll find that US Answer can provide you with the same, professional virtual administrative assistant at a savings of about $2,000 per month. Think about how much better that money could be invested in your business, or that it could even be going into your pocket at the end of every month.

If you’re worried that a virtual receptionist would lack the warm and friendly personal touch you’re interested in, and the professionalism you want to portray, fear not. A professional receptionist from US Answer will represent your business in the same manner that you would expect your in-house receptionist to. US Answer uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP) telephone technology and it is integrated with CRM. When a call comes in to their facility, an interactive business provide screen pop-up appears that provides your virtual administrative assistant with all of your company information. 

This will include a link to your website, a script provided by you and any other information that will ensure that your virtual receptionist can answer questions, address concerns or issues, or forward the call to you. Your receptionist will appear to be your personal in-house employee of many years, even though it may be the first time this particular agent has answered a call for your business.

For more information about US Answer’s live virtual administrative assistant, go online to or call their office at 888-250-1541.