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US-Answer Inc., powered by Salesforce and 8×8- Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone service, says: “GO VIRTUAL WITH US! We have all you need and then some for professional, live, state of the art, phone answering, servicing, and forwarding to wherever you want your calls to go, and pay a lot less doing it! 

Why pay thousands on traditional front office with expenses, i.e. Payroll, Rent, Insurance, Utilities, supplies etc., when you may have all you really need with a USAnswer live virtual receptionist for $89 a month.  

When it’s been proven that 80% of callers hang up when they get to the voicemail, what’s that say about what’s truly needed by the 50 Million small business solopreneurs throughout the country that have their phone numbers all over their websites and marketing material?  That they want people to call them, obviously. What does that say about the 80%? People want to connect to a live person or they will go on to the next on the list, or hang up and forget about it. 

Why not consider a Live VIRTUAL reception answering service? The professional receptionists at US-Answer will capture and forward those calls to wherever you are and if you can’t or don’t want to answer the call, it may be put into voicemail, or a message taken and then sent by text, email, or both.  

Having the owner answer the phone is the ultimate when it comes to connecting with a live person, however, it’s not often possible if the said owner is in the field or perhaps in a meeting or speaking with someone else. Also, in one regard it shows a bigger, more established company if someone other than the owner, like a professional receptionist employed by the company answers the phones for the company. With that, considering 9-5 M-F at a fair wage you’re looking at $2,200/ month for one receptionist alone.

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We’re not an “answering service” nor a call center. We’re your “personal” front office receptionist and we’re ready when you are. 855-254-0040 / 

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