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USAnswer Blog Mission

Our mission with this blog, is to provide insight into how our answering services have impacted our customers business.  Whether it’s providing a more professional image, freeing them up to accomplish other things or saving a sale, we will be discussing it here.  We will also be regularly informing our readers about the roll out of new features for our answering service. Eventually we will be allowing guest posts from our customers. We hope the regular posting  of insights into what the most important benefits of our phone answering and mobile app service are, will benefit the entire community of the smallest of small businesses, solopreneurs and companies with less than 5 employees.  We believe that we are at the intersection of a fading, miserable technology – small business voicemail – and a substantial transition that is occurring in the US workforce.  The number of non-employer businesses or solopreneurs, has increased dramatically from 14 million in 1992 to 22 million in 2010. Companies with less than 5 employees increased from 1 million to 3 million during the same period. Some are predicting they will comprise 50% of the US workforce by 2020 or 70 million. This is undeniable evidence that a huge, mostly silent, transition is occurring in the US work force.  This transition is substantially increasing the competition for these freelancers and very small businesses.  This increased competition will make the use voice mail unacceptable for most of these companies.

US Answer phone answering and mobile app is at the intersection of this and is using a proprietary, scalable, cloud based contact center/softphone system to effectively answer your calls for the lowest price possible. We have combined this with a web/mobile app for you to view and manage your messages.