USAnswer could be your Virtual Bodyguard. Most of our small business customers choose us so that they do not loose incoming new business calls to voicemail.  But in many ways we are more like a Newfoundland for your small business. Newfoundlands were originally bred as working dogs for fisherman in Newfoundland, Canada.
Having been lucky enough to have had two of these majestic beasts in my life, i can attest that they do two things magnificently.  With webbed paws and a double thick coat, they are without a doubt the most fearless and strongest water rescue dogs we have.

Newfoundlands developed this water ability when first used by cod fisherman that launched their dory’s from schooners in the 1800’s in maritime Canada.  They set long lines with baited hooks, every 10 feet.  When pulling the long lines up by hand, many of the codfish struggled off the hooks when their air bladders expanded on the way up from depths of a hundred feet or more.  The Newf’s were dispatched out of the dory’s to retrieve these fish.

Much like USAnswer does by intercepting incoming new business calls instead of letting them go to voicemail, these dogs were saving potentially lost revenue for these fisherman.

But when “SeaMan”, Meriweather Lewis’s Newfoundland, accompanied the Lewis and Clark expedition, he was an instrumental part of the explorers team, staying up all night and guarding the campsite from anything approaching.


At USAnswer we do the same for our small business customers.  Now that spam that has spread from the web to to VOIP (automated telephone recordings) most small businesses have no time for these calls!

If you are tired of getting robot phone calls – let USAnswer answer your phone!

Laurence Kelly

Founder USAnswer