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Top 4 reasons for using a lawyer answering service

Many successful attorneys know that some tasks are better left to others. So, to maximize the value of their time, they use legal call answering services. But many lawyers don’t think about it since they think having an internal receptionist is sufficient. 

In this blog, we will discuss some crucial justifications for working with a legal answering service.

  1. After-hours coverage

Many law firms need to remember one of the most critical aspects of marketing is capturing the lead. In other words, you have to pick up the phone when your clients call. 

The majority of legal clients call at night or on weekends. But 73% of law firms answer their phones only during business hours & offer voice mail or nothing to clients who call when they’re closed. Why does this matter? 

You’re wasting your marketing budget if you don’t capture the leads you generate. Your potential clients are under pressure to resolve a legal issue. If you don’t respond when they reach out, they’ll move on to the next firm.

So, by working with a lawyer answering service, you can avoid this situation and ensure that your captured lead is turned into your essential client. 

  1. Scalability

Missed opportunities may result from failing to capture after-hours leads. However, almost 70–80% of incoming calls from legal clients do occur within regular business hours. But sometimes, due to many factors, it can be possible for you to miss those calls as well. 

Even with an in-house receptionist, no matter how talented they are, they can only manage one call at a time. But with a legal answering service, it is a different scenario. 

They provide a pool of minutes you can use as needed. Thus, if you receive no calls throughout the day, you have not used any minutes. However, if you receive five calls at once, the answering service professional can handle them all at once. 

  1. Intake efficiency

It is essential to make your legal firm efficient and productive. But sometimes, due to your busy schedule, you miss the opportunity. Even if you ask your junior attorneys to take the message for you, they will also be unable to provide that quality service. They spend their time sorting through messages, which decreases their productivity. 

With the help of a lawyer answering service, they can take all your messages and answer your all-important calls on your behalf. Also, instead of just taking a notification every time, they ask questions that are important to you. Thus, a solid intake process boosts your efficiency by making it easy for you to prioritize who to call back first.

  1. Appointments 

It’s crucial to provide your clients with various ways to contact your office. But eventually, you’ll undoubtedly want to have a face-to-face meeting or at least a lengthy phone chat with your clients to discuss their cases in depth. This means that your law practice needs a reliable method for scheduling appointments. 

By integrating a legal answering service with your online calendar, you can make it simple for clients to schedule phone, chat, or website appointments with you or your team. Having that appointment on your calendar eases the client’s concerns and discourages them from looking for another lawyer. 


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