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A virtual front office, virtual receptionist is the most efficient, cost effective resource available for small business solopreneurs. Who want and need to project a professional image at a fraction of the cost of a traditional front office. 

It is well known that small business is the main engine of society, thus contributing a far greater portion to our economy than that of corporations. With that, it stands to reason that small businesses make up the lion’s share of the middle class as well.

Politicians on both sides of the isle go on about the loss of, hence the need for a strong healthy middle class, yet many laws, regulations, restrictions coupled w/ ALL the start-up and ongoing expenses make it very difficult to stay afloat much less move forward. 

Professional phone answering, is one of the most important aspects to consider when running a small business. Voicemail, when it’s been proven that 80% of callers hang up when they get to it, is not an effective or efficient way to achieve this. Quite the contrary. But you don’t need to spend thousands on a fulltime receptionist either when you can get the same or better results by hiring on a quality live answering service for under $100 a month. 

There are more than a few answering service companies around the country no doubt. what one should be looking for when choosing a virtual receptionist/virtual assistant is the demeanor of the ones who will be answering the phones.

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