Telephone answering services are about to replace voice mail and pbx systems as the “go to solution” for very small businesses that want a more professional image and cannot afford to lose business.

It’s almost as if everyone got caught in a vortex, where voice mail became readily accepted and rightly so, as all the major mobile phone carriers promoted voice mail heavily, because they could charge for the minutes you were spending both leaving and retrieving these voice mails including the long drawn out interactive voice response scripts they developed.

Already legions of young cellular users have ditched voice mail for texting. They don’t have time for the carriers long winded interactive voice response scripts. With the number of one man companies and freelancers now accounting for 1 in every 3 workers in the US work force, a tipping point is rapidly approaching where voice mail will definitely put any small business still using it at a disadvantage.

The good news is that that the alternative solution, a virtual receptionist answering service, now is more attractive than ever. The migration of the legacy US public telephone system over to the new VOIP network has created a “platform” that combines voice, internet and mobile…and eventually video. This, in-turn, is spawning companies like ours that are creating solutions that could never even been previously imagined using the 134 year old circuit switch public telephone network.

Besides functionality never before available the new VOIP telephone network also allows new business models – like ours. With most answering services focused on maximizing their minutes, we have instead designed a system that optimizes efficient call handling, minimizing our receptionists minutes allowing us to offer the lowest price in the market to small businesses in the US.

It’s not to hard to imagine in the near future, leveraging the platform to be able to locate mobile phone callers when they call in as well as the company contact they are calling. How companies will leverage video on this new platform remains to be seen. With 90% of the answering service companies in the market presently using technology that was built on top of the legacy public telephone network, phone answering for small businesses will be one of the first industries that will be disrupted. Fortunately, this disruption means good things for small businesses and solopreneurs.