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Not all telemarketing companies can deliver the results you’re looking for with regard to your marketing campaign. Professional Prospecting can! Their experts know what it takes to reach your audience, with proven methods designed to take your business where you want to go.

With a 16 year track record of conducting telemarketing programs that get results, PPS can setup an effective telemarketing system for your business by methodically canvasing your target accounts to get more appointments and leads. When current telemarketing campaigns are not running effectively, companies call in Professional Prospecting to get the job done. If you’re wondering why, there are plenty of reasons:

Why should your company have to struggle with something you were never designed to do in the first place? Unless you are a telemarketing company, Professional Prospecting is better suited to handle your company’s marketing. PPS can handle the job of providing you with your own outbound marketing department for less than the cost of hiring one junior salesperson. Their B2B telemarketing programs for companies have evolved over the past 10 years, becoming a sophisticated calling and email marketing system that produces a steady supply of appointments and leads, and builds brands.

How does it work? A great question. Take a look:

– Professional Prospecting Systems begins with their Business Development Discovery Process, analyzing your market, products and audience.

– One of the PPS writers will develop an engaging calling script and email content that will deliver your message to your prospects in a dynamic manner.

– A Certified Developer will work with your PPS calling team to give them the tools they need to carry out their mission for you.

– As soon ass the system is in place, they will begin cold calling and telemarketing. Companies find that their methodical approach is quite effective as they build your marketing database and the Lead Nurturing process begins.

– During weekly conference calls, you will have the opportunity to review results with your Program Manager. From the very beginning, analytics are taken and records are kept in order to provide you with feedback so you can coach your calling team to higher levels of performance.

B2B telemarketing from Professional Prospecting Systems helps companies achieve their goals. If you’re experiencing challenges in your marketing strategy, let the experts come in and take over. PPS can free up your employees to do what they were originally hired to do. I

If you’re a business owner who has taken on the task of marketing your brand, the best advice anyone can give you is this: unless you are in the telemarketing business, your time would be better spent doing what you were trained to do. Trying to save money by marketing your own business is a losing battle. Hire the experts from PPS to deliver a telemarketing campaign that will help you reach your goals.

If you’d like to learn more about Professional Prospecting Systems’ telemarketing for companies, like yours, you can visit online at, or call one of their experts at 866-445-4369.

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