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Our aim is to give your caller the impression that we are your 'personal' receptionist, in your office.

Discover How Effective an Answering Service can be for You

As solopreneurs and small business owners, you know your business requires tons of personal attention, leaving you little left over for family, or even answering the phone. But the right response to that phone call can make the difference between landing a new client and crickets. As a live answering service provider based in Maine, we tailor responses specifically for solopreneurs and small businesses. This allows your prospective clients to feel valued without you having to constantly be on the phone. Who wouldn’t want to have all the benefits of a receptionist without the extra cost? Give yourself more time for your clients and family while growing your business. Stay in your zone of genius by delegating the tasks that take you away from it. After all, our services are personalized to you. You decide when you can take calls and when you can’t. In addition, each call is timed to the second – we never round to the nearest minute. In other words, 59 seconds is 59 seconds, so you’re never charged extra.

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How USAnswer Services Work

24/7 Live Call Answering Services

... And Many More Reasons ...

Ensure Call Answering, No Matter What

When you’re on the other line with a customer, your employees are busy on jobs, and you don’t have additional front desk staff to rely on, a virtual assistant is just what your professional trade company needs. Since so much potential business can be lost – and existing customers can get frustrated – when unable to reach an actual person at your company, it’s critical that calls are picked up every time.

Provide the same great customer service

Our American-based operators are well trained in your business (and your industry) and offer seamless customer service when they answer your phone. Whether you’re in roofing, maintenance, trucking, etc., you’ll know your business is being portrayed just as you built it by providing excellent customer service in call answering, just as if we’re in the office with you.

Build your business

Not only will your phones be answered (and less business lost), but did you know that a live receptionist will help you build and grow your business too? By making appointments with customers, quickly responding to concerns or customer emergencies, and managing other customer call-ins, a business answering service ensures that your business is consistently growing behind the scenes.

Your Small Business is Busy.

You may not have the time – or the manpower – to answer every phone call. But at USAnswer, we do! Let’s capture the 80% of potential clients that don’t want to leave a voicemail. Start proactively building your company with call answering services. USAnswer is able to help any small business looking to present a larger more professional image.

Winning Clients for Businesses

Schedule Meetings and Get Important Client Information

Often, when existing or potential clients call your law office, they are likely scheduling appointments or sharing important information for a case. Since client information cannot be left via voicemail – and 80% of callers will hang up when put through to voicemail – it’s crucial to be available to capture it. Our well-trained virtual assistants can easily fulfill this need by acting as if we are in the same office.

Put Professionalism First

Live answering services cannot be automated; so just as our American-based operators will act as if they are in your office, they will also remain professional and put personal customer service first and foremost. You’ll never need to question that USAnswer isn’t acting in the best interest of your law firm or your clients.

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Customize Your Plan Based on Your Businesses’s Needs

Not all offices are created equally and your needs for a virtual assistant are unique. With our customized call answering plans, your office will be able to acquire the flexibility you need to grow even more successful.

Be Available for Your Clients

Call answering services ensure that your customers can reach you, schedule appointments, or have calls forwarded to the right person firm. No longer will existing clients be frustrated by having to leave a voicemail without reaching a real person. USAnswer solves the problem by providing professional virtual assistants that represent your business accurately.


Stand Out From The Competition

Your business is unique and it’s important to showcase your services during the first client interaction over the phone. Our American-based phone operators are specially trained to learn the particular language and services used by your accountants and give callers the impression we’re all in the same office.

Acquire New Business Over The Phone

When potential clients call for more information about your accounting services, 80% will hang up if they are directed to voicemail. That means you could be losing up to 80% of your potential business to other firms without knowing it. Stop relying on voicemail for new business and start growing with call answering services.

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Pick a Plan That Suits Your Need

We Have The Perfect Plan For You. Or Create a Custom Plan.

60 Minute Live Phone Answering Package

Hire USAnswer’s professional live answering receptionists with our 60 Minute Live Phone Answering Package to gain more clients.

120 Minute Live Phone Answering Package

Hire USAnswer’s professional live answering receptionists with our 120 Minute Live Phone Answering Package to gain more clients.

Here Is What People Have to Say About USAnswer


I don't usually take my time to write reviews, but these people are worth it. I am a Psychologist with a New York City practice, and wanted a personal touch when someone called my office. I searched for such a service, and by sheer luck, I chose USAnswer. They have exceeded what I imagined good service could be by such a margin, that I grateful every time one of the personable, friendly, knowledgeable receptionists lets me know that someone is on the line. I give them the highest possible commendation.

Robert Schachter


Signing up with US Answer was one of the best business decisions I've made to date. The service they provide has far surpassed my expectations. They answer my calls in a polite and profession manner. Have been able to run my branch from my boat, my home in Michigan, vacations in Florida and even while working on my apartment buildings. It's been a seamless process and gives my clients the comfort of knowing that I am virtually always available. It would be an understatement to say that these services have saved me time and money.

Will Zinn


This is a review I got from one of MY customers who called us through our friends at USAnswer: "I had a great experience with these guys! One of my hot water lines sprung a leak and left us without hot water. They not only got back to me very quickly they also were able to send someone out and fix it. Everyone I dealt with was very professional and their quality of work was amazing! I highly recommend them to everyone.

Derek Beckelman

USAnswer's Commitment

Satisfaction – Guaranteed!

At USAnswer, we offer a 30-day, 100% unconditional, money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.



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