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Socioeconomic Era

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As we move into the next socioeconomic era we find some interesting statistics running counter to “business as usual” we’ve seen for the past 100+ years as corporations led the way and grew to staggering (and sadly) unhealthy proportions . 

One such glaring statistic is the fact that Solopreneurs, the new breed of independent small businesses are breaking away from said corporate work structure in rapidly growing numbers.  35 Million 10 years ago, 50 Million currently, 75 Million planned for the next 10.  With that the landscape is changing as the true middle class emerges and strengthens.

With that, these modern day industrialists are finding ways to lean down their costs and get a bigger bang for the buck they spend. The emergence of multi-tenant/ shared office expense facilities, with live reception came in with vengeance as the savings enjoyed by said Solopreneurs were/ are in the thousands. A immense savings when considering- paying one all-inclusive rent of $500 – $1,000, as opposed to a traditional office where one would lease a floor or an entire building plus rent, heat, phones, taxes, A/C, lights, water/sewer, insurance, supplies, maintenance and PAYROLL topping the bill! …Thousands

 Now taking a step further and take the physical office away and step into a virtual office and save even more. Have your own “personal” professionally trained live virtual receptionist answer, service and if desired, forward your phone calls or messages to wherever you want them to goWith a Professional “front-office” live answer/ forwarding service for small business for under a $100 a month, good business gets better.

Laurence A. Kelly

USAnswer Inc.


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