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Small Businesses Relying on Voice Mail are Committing Suicide

As an entrepreneur you are faced with many responsibilities, two of the biggest being getting customers and servicing them. You, no doubt, spend an increasing amount of time, effort and money getting customers to contact you.

In most cases, when a customer decides that they are interested in your products or services, they get on the phone and call you, looking for a live person to answer any questions they have. Nowhere has this been more evident than with a customer of ours called Action Fitness.

Action Fitness, is a start-up Women’s Fitness Bootcamp that offers a 30 day free trial and uses USAnswer to manage the phone and close potential leads. The initiated a grass roots marketing campaign using lawn signs after trying bot TV and print. We get 1-3 calls a day for them and answer some basic questions and then collect the callers name and number and get a commitment from them to show up. Each of these calls takes us only 1-2 minutes to complete. With Fortune magazine reporting as far back as 2006 that an estimated 80% of people hang up when they are sent to voice mail, what a waste Action Fitnesses efforts to market their services would have been had they decided to rely on voice mail for these calls. Literally, based on the Fortune data, they would be losing most of their leads.

We designed our system specifically to be able to efficiently answer and in some cases do limited lead closing, similar to what we do for Action Fitness. Our system allows us to post scripts for our professional receptionists to follow when they are answering the phone for these customers so that we can operate as an extension of our small business customers and help them close these leads. In fact, we specifically help many of our small business customers capture customers that their competitors are losing to voice mail. These include companies like Ken Jones Photography who only gets about a dozen calls a month but six of them turn into jobs and one could be a $30,0000 commercial shoot and Andrew Byrd Productions who DJ’s and films weddings.

In fact most of our customers are just like Action Fitness, Ken Jones and Andrew Byrd. They are one man bands, freelancers and solopreneurs.  They are on the go and can’t afford to miss new customer calls.  They are 1 in 3 workers soon to be 50% of the US workforce. What has become quite clear to USAnswer is that our answering service and mobile app will become “The Standard” for the most successful of these small companies. After all, why depend on voice mail when your next customer call is possibly coming from someone who just hung up on your competitors voice mail message.