Running a business can be a lot of hard work. There are so many things that you need to consider to ensure that it becomes the success you have dreamed it would be. From looking for the best small business hr solutions to help manage the employee payroll, to organizing the finances and accounts, it’s not easy, and you will need all of the help that you can get. That’s why hiring a virtual receptionist has proven to be beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Virtual receptionists give employees and team leaders more time to tackle priority tasks, a work break to relax and recharge, and saves companies the cost of a full-time in-house receptionist on the payroll. The benefits for medium to large-sized companies is obvious. For small teams or solopreneurs, the advantages of hiring a virtual receptionist may be greater, the best thing about virtual assistants? As long as you have a specific number to handle your business needs, whether it be a mobile or you’ve looked at business number services, you’ll be able to link the virtual assistant and have the benefit of your business number monitored automatically.

Steve Morgan, an Online Marketing Consultant at Morgan Online Marketing explains how a virtual receptionist improved the quality of his work day as a solopreneur:

“I use a phone answering company to act as my receptionist if someone called my main business phone number. Originally, I did this because I am a proper phoneaphobe (I much prefer email contact!) but in doing so I found another major benefit: less distractions. For example, if I’m head-down in a project and receive an unrelated phone call, which could be completely pointless (e.g. a sales call), it may take some time to get my mind back ‘in the zone’ in order to carry on with my work and pick up where I left off. So, by answering my phone calls for me, taking down the callers’ details and emailing it to me instead, I can concentrate on my work, which means that I am more productive and can get more done. Clients still have my (direct) mobile number, so I’m 100% instantly accessible for them, but I find using a virtual receptionist is handy for the unexpected calls from strangers – and particularly those pesky cold calls.

Solopreneurs can take advantage of a virtual telephone answering service because a one person team can only do so much at once. An extra pair of hands to pick up the calls can make all the difference in time management, productivity, payroll costs, and stress! Let US Answer virtual receptionists answer the phone for you today!