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Why No One Uses Voicemail in India

Cell phones are being adapted at a tremendous rate in India. One thing that has become quite noticeable is that no one in India uses voicemail or even understands the concept of voicemail.

What Indians have seemed to immediately realize is the same thing that the younger generation in the US has.  They prefer text when someone is not available.  When they call someone, they are looking to talk to that person and voicemail does not add any value…just the opposite in fact.  With a text message they can choose when and where they respond and even if they want to respond.

However for small businesses in the US, text messaging is not a viable option and most still rely on voicemail.  In the business world, its hard to give up old habits, just look at the fax machine.

But as small businesses continue to explode in number, increasing from 15 to 45 million since 1995, many are realizing that voicemail, a service provided by cellular carriers is not only not helping them its hurting them.  For these businesses not lose incoming phone leads, there is no other alternative other than a live answer.

Fortunately, a new breed of live answering service using VOIP enabled cloud-based technology is emerging that is focused on small business.

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