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Why is it Better to Hire a New England Answering Service?

Answering services are like opinions, everyone has them, but they’re more understandable and relatable when you’re from the same area. So if you’re from the States, or better yet, the Northeast, then hiring a New England small business answering service could be the very thing that helps you take your business to the next level.

Sounds like a tall claim, but if you think back to your recent calling experiences it may make more sense. How often have you been on a call that dropped because of distance? Or maybe you couldn’t understand them. Perhaps they couldn’t understand you. 

So why should it matter to you where your answering service is based?

Keeping it Local

Even if you’re from the Pacific Northwest and you hire a New England answering service, that’s still more local – and better for the US economy – than hiring a company from overseas. 

In recent years, the popularity of the Eat Local, Buy Local movement doesn’t just apply to restaurants. As a small business owner, you’ll understand better than most how important it is for people to buy from other smaller, independent businesses instead of putting more money into oversized, corporate pockets.

Ease of Communication

There is nothing more frustrating to a client – current, potential, or otherwise – than constantly being misunderstood. A potential client may very well decide that you aren’t the right people to help them even before you speak to them. Even worse, your current clients might find it easier to take their business elsewhere. 

So rather than going overseas, finding something more local – even someplace that’s not precisely local to you, like a New England live answering service – can be just what your small business needs to continue to grow.

Cost and Reliability

In previous years, most small businesses outsourced to overseas live answering services because of reduced costs. Fortunately, the cost of local answering services are far more competitive than they used to be. Combine that with rising costs overseas and the prices are beginning to balance out.

Not only that, but if your answering service is within the same country as you, you have a better understanding of their reliability in the face of things like power outages and natural disasters. A New England-based answering service would be automatically guaranteed greater reliability over someplace with more unpredictable weather, like Florida.

In the end, it’s about what’s best for your clients and your business, and your clients will certainly thank you for keeping the lines of communication open and easy to understand. 

Hiring a New England small business answering service can bring a level of professional courtesy that can raise the image and standing of any business. Speak to one of our representatives today.

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