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The Murky Waters of Answering Services

90% of all answering service companies are over 10 years old.  This means that they are connected to the 134 year old public telephone system. This requires complex telecommunications equipment to do just the simplest of tasks (transferring calls, sending messages via text and email etc.).
And, over the last 20 years the answering service business sector has shrunk 80%. This is a direct result of small businesses rapid adoption of cell phones and voice mail as their primary method of managing their incoming phone calls.
The remaining companies have, for the most part, not invested in upgrading their technology and by 2018, the 134 year old circuit switch telephone network will no longer exist, rendering these answering service companies that don’t upgrade to voice over Internet protocol (VOIP), irrelevant.
Most small businesses do not understand this and as a result many of our customers have told us how they have gone through free trials with our competitors only to be extremely disappointed in the level of service they receive.
The sad news is that most answering service companies are call centers using outdated technology.  The good news is that a new breed of answering service companies are emerging that are leveraging cloud based software over VOIP.
These companies can actually make more money than their competitors even when they charge less.