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Many Small Businesses Use Web Lead Forms But What About Leads That Are Captured By Your Answering Service?

In a study of 700,000 small business websites in the US, SMB Digital Scape, they found 6out of ten didn’t have a telephone number on their home page. And 65% did not have a web lead form for people to request more information.  But, for the other 40%, many get most, if not all of their leads either via the phone or their lead forms. Their lead form info is delivered via email and for the most competitive small businesses it is automatically entered into their CRM like SalesForce.  There are several plugins that do this for WordPress websites.

But what about telephone generated leads?  The most competitive small businesses have now realized that voicemail is not an option for their small businesses.  These small businesses have decided they need all their calls answered live and have sought out and hired a small business live answering service.

US Answer has already implemented a standard form so that their virtual receptionists capture mandatory information (name, company name, telephone, email etc.) in a form, when they take messages.  That information is automatically sent via email or text and can also be viewed online or on US Answers customers mobile devices.

This month US Answer implemented a new feature that automatically delivers this information into their customers SalesForce. This becomes the ultimate lead delivery system for small businesses looking to optimize their lead capture capability

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