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5 Ways a Live Answering Service can Boost Your Business

Live answering services are increasingly popular with small business owners and solopreneurs, and you may be wondering: Why?

You might as well ask yourself whether you really want to grow your business, how high you want to climb, and whether or not you really need those extra clients. If you’re planning to grow your business and you want to give it that extra boost, then a live answering service can make all the difference. 

Haven’t you ever wished you had a receptionist to take some of the call load off your shoulders, but you couldn’t justify the expense? 

If that’s the case, then read on!

  1. Stay in Your Zone

Having to answer every call interrupts your workflow, and everyone knows how difficult it can be to get back into the zone. Live answering services can give you the space you need to concentrate on client fulfillment, organize with your team, or perform the 101 jobs that a busy small business owner needs to handle.

  1. Save on Overhead Costs

Let’s face it, having an actual office is an expense no one needs, especially in the wake of a pandemic. You have to make a certain amount to justify even turning on the lights, but by using a live answering service, those costs are a thing of the past. 

Your receptionist is basically rented by the minute – no, not even that, because if you choose the right one and the receptionist is on the phone for a minute and 35 seconds, that’s all you’re charged for.

  1. Personalization

You get to choose how your phone is answered. In essence, you pick whether or not your live answering service picks up at the first ring or if it rings twice to your phone. If you don’t answer, then they can take it. Then you choose the greeting used, supply the necessary information, everything you yourself would do – except you don’t have to.

  1. Get Time Back

Having enough time in your day is one of the biggest challenges that all small business owners and solopreneurs face. How to get everything done in your day usually requires extreme precision and organization, but not any more!

  1. Ensure Every Call is Answered

It’s a fact that in this day and age, people are tired of dealing with automated answering services and voicemail. The frustration of having to listen to the menu options carefully and hoping you’ve chosen the correct button to get you where you need to go have left people thoroughly fed up. 

You may be interested to learn that 80% of callers that get sent to voicemail hang up rather than deal with leaving a message. By making sure that every call is answered, you’ve boosted your potential business and yearly earnings. 

A live answering service can help you boost your business without having to interview receptionists or outfit and supply an office. Best of all, it gives you time with your family, time to have a life, and time to rest. In the end, some of the best things you can do for your business, is give yourself a chance to check out for the day.

Aim high. It’s time to reach for new horizons. Let USAnswer take you there.

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