Live Answering Services

If your small business phone is sending your incoming calls to voicemail you may be risking your business’ growth at the expense of convenience. US Answer provides professional live answering services for businesses of all sizes. From the small business owner to the corporate company, every business can benefit from live answering services.


You may be surprised to learn that the majority of callers who are sent to your voicemail will simply hang up before they even get transferred. Once a caller realizes they are not going to be greeted by a live receptionist, the chance that they will stay on the line decreases by about 80%. If you can afford to lose that kind of business, a live receptionist is probably not for you; for all other business owners, it’s the perfect solutions.


US Answer uses a VoiP, cloud-based platform through their computer to provide the most effective solution for offering that personal touch for your business. Your callers will never realize your receptionist is not located in-house, and they’ll receive the same professional service that they would get if you were answering your own calls. Through custom scripts on-screen, your live receptionist will provide call forwarding and message services that will free you up to do the job you’re trained to do.


If you’re still among the small percentage of business owners who feel that voicemail is good enough, consider that voicemail is out-dated, does not meet the industry standards of today’s business, and results in 8 out of 10 callers hanging up. The professional cost of losing those callers is very high, compared to the monthly cost of using US Answer’s live answering services, which start at just $89 for a 60 minute package. That time is only counted when your receptionist is speaking to a caller.


Hiring your own receptionist that works in the same office as you is a great asset, but you can create that same image and save over $2,000 each month. Over your first year, that is a significant amount of money that can be invested in your business. 


Working with US Answer, they will build a client profile pop-up that is specific to your company which will appear on the virtual receptionist’s computer screen when a call comes in for you. This profile will be complete with answering instructions, scripts, links to your websites and other pertinent information that the receptionist can relay to your caller. If they wish to speak with you, the receptionist will place them on hold and contact you or one of the numbers you have provided.


US Answer provides the most affordable and comprehensive live answering services of any company, and is dedicated to the success of your business, through expert services that are designed to meet you where you are on your business journey. 


Contact a professional from US Answer by calling 888-250-1541, or visit the website at We think you’ll find their monthly pricing tiers to be very affordable. Why not give them a call today?