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How a Live Answering Service Can Benefit Your Small Business

Whether you’re a contractor, tradesperson, or small business owner, there are certain things you need to keep your operation running. One of those things that all small businesses need is excellent customer service. 

If you look at any customer review, they always talk about is how they perceived a company’s customer service. In most cases, the first “line of defense” for customer service is your phone system.

A live answering service can do your small business several benefits. People often hate dealing with an automated menu, especially if it’s their first encounter with your business or service. They may have questions they don’t know how to ask that menu. 

You may think that a live answering service is too much work. However, in this article, we’ll present you with the many benefits that these services can provide.

We feel confident that by the end, you’ll be chomping at the bit to hire a live service! So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Boosting Productivity With a Live Answering Service

You may think that answering the phone would be a detractor from productivity. After all, telephone calls can be a significant distraction

However, think about how much time cell phone usage takes from workers’ productivity. They may receive too many phone calls or text messages throughout the day. Likewise, many workers may receive a text notification only to begin checking all their other ones.

Instead, you can implement a live answering service to eliminate excess phone use and boost your office’s productivity. As you cut excessive phone use, your workers can also focus more on their day-to-day tasks with fewer distractions.

In the process, employees can now maintain their momentum and get things done. Often, they’ll get things done in less time, thereby increasing their profitability.

Lowering Labor Costs

Most small businesses spend a significant amount of money on labor. While many organizations expect that, too many labor costs can become burdensome. For startup businesses, this is especially true, as you can’t afford a large staff.

In practice, this means that small businesses may not have the money to spend hiring a full-time receptionist. Instead of hiring a live receptionist, you can choose a live answering service. 

When you’re not spending money on a full-time salary and benefits for an employee, you can allocate that money towards other investments. It also eliminates the chance of you hiring the wrong person for the job. 

No Need to Train New Staff

Hiring new people is often a stressful time, in part because you must devote so much time to training them. Once you hire that person, you have to ensure they provide the level of customer service your customers expect. 

Doing this means you must put in a lot of effort for training them. As you continue to train them, you also spend time monitoring their performance. After all, you have to make sure they’re doing their job correctly when they first start.

As it turns out, you don’t have to do all of this. Instead, you can choose to hire a live answering service. It rids you of the stress of training any new employees.

It also frees you from monitoring new employees as they work. In exchange, you receive a previously trained worker who can help your company. 

The Chief Benefits for Business: Maximizing Returns on Investment

A return on investment is essential for all businesses, but especially for a contractor and tradesperson. The end goal of almost all your business initiatives is to profit from the work.

The trouble is, your initiatives cannot benefit if your customers call you and nobody can answer them. Even if you have a receptionist, they may take time off or be away from their desk. 

So, what can a live answering service do instead? They can provide you with all-around phone support. 

These professionals can take your customer’s calls and direct them to you as needed. This way, there’s never a time when you could miss a sales opportunity because of a missed phone call.

In fact, an answering service can even send several leads to your inbox as they take your calls. This way, you can maximize the ROI of your marketing plans. 

24-Hour Availability

Even the best business owner and sales teams need some time to rest and be with family. So, as much as you may want to remain open at all hours, it’s usually impossible. 

Most small businesses share this limitation. However, a larger company, like a live answering service, won’t struggle with it. 

By hiring them, you can ensure your business always has a live person answering a call. This way, you maximize your availability and profitability.

Enhanced Reliability and Consistency

Whenever a business develops a clientele or customer base, they become responsible to that group. They must ensure they provide the same quality service that they’ve come to expect. 

Part of that responsibility is being available to answer questions or resolve issues with your products and services. So, your business needs a way to guarantee your staff follows the correct procedures and delivers top-notch customer service at all times. 

To do that, though, your customers must have a reliable way of contacting you. That’s where a live answering service comes in. 

A live answering service can ensure that your employees follow the appropriate procedures when a customer contacts you. If your protocols change, that’s no problem!

These services can adapt to whatever changes you make. As a result, they guarantee your company can continue to provide the level of customer service your customers expect.

Hire a Live Answering Service Today

By this point, we hope you can see that a live answering service can provide several benefits for your business. Think about it. No matter when your customers call, you can guarantee there’s somebody answering the phone!

If you believe you can benefit from this, check out our services today! We help small businesses grow with our dedicated team. When we answer phones, we have a professional and warm personality to help lead customers to you.

So, don’t hesitate! Discover more about our services today.

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