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Legal Answering Service Dilemma

We have many lawyers that have chosen us for their answering service.  Our advanced solution provides functionality that is highly desirable, for solo attorneys on the go, especially criminal litigators that have to be in court many mornings.  Next month when they download our mobile app, they will have the capability to login and update their status to receive transferred calls, in real time, from their mobile devices.  Believe it or not, many answering services can only take messages and cannot transfer calls – never the less have the ability to know if you are available – if they could. And, many of our solo litigators are using the latest mobile technology (iPhones and iPads) and have expressed a strong desire to start using our mobile app.

However, the biggest dilemma these attorneys face is cost.  Most all of the answering services that are focused on attorneys (type in legal answering service and you will see who they are), start their pricing packages in the $200+ range.  Most of our attorneys fit into our entry level $79/60 minutes or our next level $129/120 minutes package making us significantly less in cost. One of the main reasons is that we are not trying to accumulate minutes.  Our “efficient call handling capability” plus our functionality that allows us to know immediately if a contact is available for a call to be transferred, without having to try the transfer first, significantly reduces our call handling time compared to our competitors.

This is a SIGNIFICANT difference than other legal answering service business models and its what separates us from the pack for the solo litigators that use us.  Almost unexpectedly, we have seen solo litigators become one of our dominant customer groups and our receptionists have become adept at dealing with their business calls including the ones that come from the jail.  As Bob LeBrasseur says in this video his clientele can be difficult, but USAnswer, formerly Main Virtual Office, handles them professionally.