Are you a solopreneur or a small startup company? Are you trying to impress potential clients, hoping for your small business to appear large and in charge? All small businesses should have these aspirations, they need to grow their number of sales in order to keep their business operating. No matter what business you’re in, you’ll probably need help along the way, especially in those more crowded industries. An example of a crowded business area is HVAC companies, there are many of them around, but that doesn’t mean that new companies can’t make their mark in the industry. For any entrepreneurs wondering whether the HVAC market will be profitable for them, definitely check it out beforehand by getting in touch with a company like Success Group International to see if they can offer any useful tips and advice before you try and get started in the HVAC business world. However, all businesses should plan on doing vital research beforehand, as no business is guaranteed success. Although, if you surround yourself with the correct support network, you should find a way to make a successful business. Maine Business Center provides small businesses and startups with brand image boosting without having to lease or buy office space. For small companies to achieve a big business presence they need a professional team. Maine Business Center provides a virtual receptionist team and the options for virtual or physical office space to impress current and potential clients. Finding the right office space is important for the smooth running of a business. It can, however, be hard to find the right one that fits in with all your wants and needs and this is where finding help can be very useful.

Our services include:

  • Professional Mailing Address: This full service package is available for $150 a month (plus postage and $1 per forwarded item). Mail will be delivered to 415 Congress Street, #202, Portland, ME 04101.
  • Day offices: Our “hot desks” are fully furnished and equipped with computers, phones, full reception services, access to conference rooms, and use of the private kitchen. These spaces are rentable by the hour, day, week, or month. The office has been split using doors, so that each professional can have some privacy and work comfortably in their rented space. There are endless cost-effective options whether you need space for a year, a workweek, or a one-time Thursday morning meeting. Day office and conference room rental space starts at $40 an hour.
  • Virtual offices: Building the illusion that your startup business operates in a prestigious downtown district is beneficial in more ways than one. Virtual offices provide a full-time receptionist to manage your company phone and transfer calls to you or your voicemail, whether you’re zipping down the highway or sipping espresso in your local cafe. The virtual office space also grants access to use 415 Congress Street (neighboring the City Hall) on business cards and advertising. This service is for the business people on-the-go, who know how a professional physical address can strengthen brand image for a budding company.

Maine Business Center provides innovative solutions for companies of all sizes, frequent travelers, and home-based businesses. Our services offer flexibility, price points for every budget, and maximizes company profitability. Start or grow your business with us today.