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When searching for the best answering service for small business in New York, NY (that can integrate seamlessly with your sense of business), it is essential you select a company that will treat your clients exactly how you would treat them if you were the one behind the phone. As opposed to calling the first person you find using Google, choosing the best answering service for small business in New York, NY means asking many hard questions and doing a site tour if possible.

You will need to know that the best answering service for small business in New York, NY is a part of your team and not just an agency whose goal is a payday.

When looking for the best answering service for small business in New York, NY, you know the needs of your business. Consider finding answers to the below questions:

    Who will be calling?What kind of questions will they be asking?When do you take calls?Do you need sales leads, and/or customer service?Will you be required to schedule conference calls?Will you be returning your customer’s calls?How long do your customer calls take?Will these calls involve sensitive client information?

Know Your Processes

You want to evaluate the needs of your business and understand the kind of service you need. Many clients become unhappy with some services because they didn’t communicate their needs fully from the beginning. This is why knowing exactly the scope of service you need can be difficult, particularly if you aren’t familiar with the capabilities of your company. Outlining your processes will make it less difficult for the answering service company to let you know where and how they can add value to your business.

Determine Your Pain Points

It is essential to look for any pain points that will need assistance. Evaluate your company and consider which areas will need support. Here are some questions to consider:

    Are the calls too many for your staff to take care of?Are you missing calls after hours?Are less critical calls blocking you from receiving important calls?Are your clients requesting more support?Are your appointments and scheduling overwhelming?

Picking the Right Company

Here is a checklist to consider when picking the right company:

    What is the number of calls that you expect the answering service company to receive for your business?The more your call volume, the better price you will be able to negotiate.There are some agencies that won’t work with you if you don’t provide enough call traffic.

Choosing the Pricing Model

It is recommended that you use companies that charge by talk time (that is pay by talk time or pay per call). Additionally, you will need to know how they charge those minutes. Is it rounding on time? Closely consider their level of experience in your industry. Search for online reviews and ask for references.

Do You Prefer Working With a Local Agency?

Working with a company that is close to your small business can have many amazing benefits. By knowing the company personally, you can look to build a higher commitment level. You can pay a visit to the call center to verify their level of professionalism.


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