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GO VIRTUAL!  Everyone else is. Whether it’s a Virtual Receptionist, Virtual Assistant or a Virtual Office, the effectiveness of a Virtual Live front office receptionist, let alone the thousands of dollars in cost savings each month compared to a traditional front office, is what every small business solopreneur needs. 

Why spend ALL that money for ALL those things needed to maintain a traditional bricks & mortar office, when many times all that’s really needed is a professional image and someone other than you to answer your phone(s). Who says this image has to be real or physical? The imagination is much more effective, flexible & practical. 

The Live virtual receptionists at USAnswer are professional, upbeat friendly & courteous. The Screen-pop profile, that’s built for each client and flashes up on their computer screens offers pertinent information, i.e. availability, alerts, links, scripts, etc.  about that client/ company that the receptionist may be relayed to the caller. She/ he then could either transfer said call to the client and or all his/ her associates wherever they are, or send the call to voicemail, take & send a message via text, email or both.  

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