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The Freelancers Union Partners With US Answer


The Freelancers Union with:

– Total membership over 238K nationally (143 in NY State alone)

– At current growth rates, membership will surpass 270K by YE

– Blog traffic: 391,000 for 3 months; 130,000 per month

– Website traffic: 1 million page views to website for 3 months; 330,000 per month

– Newsletter reads: 30,000 readers per issue, goes up to 130,000

– Facebook followers: 59,916 (as of 4/3/14)

– Twitter followers: 32,118 (as of 4/3/14)

Has chosen to partner with US Answer as their exclusive provider of virtual receptionist/small business answering service for their almost 240,000 members.US Answer is the ideal partner for the Freelancers Union, says Jim Plunkett Co-Founder and CEO of US Answer. Our solution and pricing is specifically designed for Freelancers and Solopreneurs.

We are the lowest priced flat rate virtual receptionist system in the US – and we have more functionality than any other answering service in the US. Because we are powered by Salesforce, we can even automatically populate new phone leads into salesforce and Salesforce powered CRM’s, an extremely important feature for insurance and real estate agents and financial advisors using Salesforce.

Freelancer members that decide to subscribe to our free trial will get a special offer as part of this partnership.