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Free up Office Space and Hire a Virtual Live Receptionist

Did you know that hiring a virtual live receptionist can decrease a company’s cost by 78 percent? When you hire a full-time receptionist, you have to worry about the costs of providing a desk, a computer, and a phone. You can cut all of those costs by hiring a virtual live receptionist.

But what is a live receptionist answering service and what benefits can it offer?

Let us look at how opting for this type of receptionist can be an advantage.

What Is a Virtual Live Receptionist?

A virtual live receptionist is a real person, not a bot, who answers phone calls and performs a variety of administrative tasks for a company. They are trained professionals available on-demand and they can represent your company during phone calls.

Virtual live receptionists can transfer calls live, take messages, answer customer concerns, take down phone calls, and so much more. They can even make outbound calls to grow your business’ reach. They go through industry-specific training to ensure they can offer the knowledgeable assistance you and your clients need. 

A high-performing live receptionist answer service can allow you to keep your business open all days of the week from a call center. For your clients, there is no difference between a full-time, on-site receptionist and a virtual live receptionist.

Many virtual live receptionists work as a unified team. They update customer records after each point of contact so that anyone else who helps that customer will have the updated information they need.

Benefits of a Virtual Live Receptionist

Hiring a business answering service can be exactly what you need to increase revenue and to cut overhead costs. Let us dive deeper into the benefits a phone answering service for small business can offer.

High-Quality Customer Service

When a customer calls your business, you want them to receive the help they need. Having a pleasant experience with customer service can help retain customers. Because a virtual live receptionist is trained in answering calls and offering industry-specific answers, you know your customers will be in good hands.

Many live answering services offer language options, as well, making the experience better for those who speak more comfortably in a language other than English. Finding an in-house receptionist that speaks a number of languages is a challenge, but it is an option with live answering services.

Reduces Costs

A live receptionist answering service will reduce costs. If you hire an on-site receptionist, you have to spend money not only on training them but also on ensuring they have the tools they need for their job. This means a computer, a telephone, and a desk.

On average, a receptionist’s salary can range from $20,000 to $40,000, prohibitive sums for small business owners. If you want a receptionist with specialized skills or one who speaks a number of languages, the salaries can be higher. The salary, added to the tools you need to purchase for the receptionist, can end up putting a big dent in your revenue.

A live receptionist comes at a fraction of that cost while providing the same expertise and support. You do not have to worry about benefits or paid time off.

Saves Space

Having an on-site receptionist requires that you have space where they can work. If you have a small location, it can be difficult to allocate space.

With a virtual receptionist, you can maximize your space in a way that helps your business without worrying about the receptionist. It also allows for a better customer experience. If your office space is small, it can be noisy, making communicating with clients more difficult.

Since a virtual live receptionist works from a call center, the risks of distractions are significantly lower.

Increased Efficiency

You want your customers to be able to speak with a live person when they need to. That is not always possible with an on-site receptionist.

If there are many calls to answer, a receptionist you have on-site will not be able to answer all of them, meaning some will go to voicemail. With a virtual receptionist, this is not a concern because there will be others ready to take the calls.

Your customers will also be able to call at any hour and on any day, without having to worry about business hours. Customers want a 24/7 service option and a virtual live receptionist service offers it.

Most business answering services also allow you to scale up or scale down staffing to ensure your business is not losing money.

Frees Up Time

If you or your employees are answering phone calls, you are not using that time to grow your business. Small businesses, in particular, have this problem. They may not be able to afford a receptionist and end up answering all of the calls themselves.

By turning to a virtual live receptionist service, you will free up your in-house team so they can perform other tasks.

No Hiring or Training

Hiring an in-house receptionist requires that you first find the right candidates, interview them, and decide on who can offer the services you need. Then, you have to train them.

All of this takes time. When you hire an answering service for small businesses, you do not have to worry about any of this. You will have professionals working for you without going through the entire hiring process.

Make Your Customers Happy

When you turn to a virtual live receptionist service, you will be guaranteeing better customer service and the kind of efficiency your business needs to grow. At USAnswer, we can help you.

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