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Q: What if it’s a call you may or may not want to answer depending on who it is that’s calling?

A: The virtual receptionist answers the call and thanks the caller for calling (your) company. The caller asks for you by name. The virtual receptionist gets the name and number of the caller and then places the call on hold and dials the phone number that you want your calls forwarded to. Your phone will ring and you will see that the virtual receptionist is calling for you. The virtual receptionist will then ask you if you would like to take the call or take a message. If you want to take the call, the virtual receptionist will patch the call through to you. If you want the virtual receptionist to take a message, you will have the option to receive that message via text, and/or email, or you can have the virtual receptionist send the call to your voicemail. The virtual receptionist may also schedule an appointment using your calendar and you will receive an alert that there is a new date on your calendar.