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Corporate leaders, investment managers, investors, and traders are now turning to alternative data to inform investment decisions. At CloudQuant, we’re a premier data vendor that supplies non-traditional data in a ready-to-use format. This makes the process of extracting insights and testing datasets quicker. As a result, our clients gain a competitive advantage, discover new opportunities faster, and develop top-of-the-line strategies.

Our Company

At CloudQuant, we started as an internal research platform where traders could use algorithms to fine-tune risk management. Anyone can use our powerful tool to create, test, and refine their algo trading strategies. In November 2019, we began offering a data showcasing service, which has become our main focus. As top-rated data providers, we recognize the value of quality data sources and have invested in providing useful alternative data to global financial services and corporate clients.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry, unmatched experience, dedication to customer service, and sophisticated datasets have cemented us at CloudQuant as a leading data company and strategic partner in the data space.

What Sets Us Apart

Many financial data service providers industry focus on supplying traditional data. However, looking at the quarterly earnings of a company pales in comparison when you can access up-to-date information. That’s what you get with our alt-data.

Our alternative data enables analysis to be more granular and updated with the latest indicators of business and consumer activities. With such eye-opening information at your fingertips, you can leverage our data to generate the best possible model and find seemingly impossible answers to tough questions.

As top-rated market data vendors, we’ve seen many investors bear the brunt of poor returns. By using our alternative data, you can manage risk better and generate alpha. You can really make sense of the data we provide and extract valuable insights from it at an affordable price than ever before.

Alternative Data

Our alternative or non-traditional data can provide a more accurate picture of a company’s performance beyond the capabilities of traditional data. This means our data can be used in pre-trade investment analysis and to monitor the health of an industry, economy, or company. At CloudQuant, we provide the content, tools, and platforms to assess alternative data for better risk management, trading, and decision-making on investments. We’re committed to constantly improving how our clients access and use our alternative data.

We’ll Help You Increase Your Investment Potential

We know it can be hard to access clean data and generate models with it, especially when it comes to alternative data due to its complex nature. For this reason, we’re always finding ways to provide simplified and enriching data. We also offer ongoing education to our clients on how to analyze and interpret data to ensure they get useful insights faster, vital for new investment opportunities.

Leading Data Providers

Looking to deliver alpha and minimize money and time wasted on data that isn’t useful? We can help. At CloudQuant, we’re leading data vendors who provide enriching alternative data. When you buy financial data from us, you’ll gain an edge and make superior business decisions. Schedule a demo:

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