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Cloud-Based Answering Service vs. Call Center

Cloud-Based Answering Service is key in 2015. Most small businesses, seeking to get rid of their voicemail and replace it with a live answering service solution, don’t understand the major differences between call centers using technology built on the 134-year-old public telephone network and cloud-based answering service companies that have emerged within the last three years.

Most small businesses don’t understand the major differences between a call center and new cloud-based virtual receptionist companies like US Answer. Most call center answering service companies are 1) over 10 years old and 2) built on top of the 134-year-old public telephone network. ┬áBecause of this many have limitations with transferring calls and automatically sending messages via email or text. And, if they can do these things, many are charging extra for them.

New cloud-based, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) answering services that have emerged within the last three years can transfer and automatically message with one click and many, like US Answer, don’t charge for it.

Make sure if you are searching for an answering service for your small business, that you understand not only their pricing but also their technology limitations.