Why you cannot afford to not use a virtual receptionist if you are a growing business or start up-

Lets face it- being self employed is thrilling yet nerve racking all at the same time. You’ve found something that you love- you have made it into a business but now as you grow you have to start doing a log of things that you never really wanted to do. Fielding phone calls from clients, prospects, telemarketers not to mention your family and friends. What is the best way to overcome this natural curve ball? The answer is to out source- work smarter not harder. USAnswer.com offers clients of any company size from 1 to 100 a better way to do what they do best. We handle all the live answering, call routing, gate keeping and ensure that your time is spent on what matters most to you and your clients. Everyone knows that calls that go to voicemail on a cell phone is not the service that your clients and prospects want- they want a live human answering their calls- listening to them and getting them to the right place. That is where we come in- US Answer allows you to have what appears to your clients as a fully functioning front office- complete with receptionist, billing, customer service- you name it- we can handle it. You do what you do best- and you tell us how and when to get the info to you. Its simple- no employees for you to hire, train and pay extra fees for. You are out sourcing to highly trained American front desk receptionists who are trained to do one thing- answer your calls under your direction and with your branding. Our front desk is here to make your life easier while at the same time portraying a large company presence that shows your clients that you are at the top of your game and understand how important time is to everyone.

Check out today, for yourself how we can change the way you conduct business for good. Visit www.usanswer.com to look over our services and see how you can be up and running and earning more money by doing the smart thing- leaving the calls to us- and the business to yourself.