Business today is all about who can perform the best service at the best price and for most businesses it all begins with the first conversation/contact you have with your client. First impressions are everything in today’s world so we want a professional and friendly live person to be answering your business calls. This is a huge benefit if your competition is just using a voicemail service. Voicemail is a thing of the past and a telephone answering service will set you apart from your competition in many ways. Clients will know that they are dealing with a very professional company when one of USAnswer’s receptionists answers the phones for you. We will either track you down and transfer the call to you or take a complete message and text/email it to you. Your client will never know that our receptionists are not right there with you in your office.

Another benefit for using a telephone answering service is that you will never lose a client/sale to the competition again because you missed their call. As a society we are groomed to be quick and make fast decisions and if you miss a call from a potential customer you will likely miss the sale as we quickly move on to the next company that provides the same services.

Telephone answering services typically will pay for themselves with plans generally starting around $89.00 per month. The increase in sales with your new found professionalism and the fact that you will never miss a sales call again will allow you to pay this small fee. The vast majority of larger companies pay around 2k per month for a receptionist but the client will never know if they are talking to a receptionist in your office or a telephone answering service like USAnswer.