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2016 is shaping up to be a banner year across the board, especially for you 30 Million small business solopreneurs, (The Middle Class) around the country breaking new ground. Now’s the time to GO VIRTUAL and save big doing it!

For $89 a month, do yourself & your business a favor and make Hiring a Virtual Receptionist/ Virtual Assistant your #1 New Year’s Resolution. 

Voicemail certainly doesn’t work effectively, when 80% of callers hang up when they get to it. If you go for a traditional front office, you’ll pay over $2,000 a month for a full-time receptionist alone. Then you’d need to consider what it would cost to house and equip that receptionist, i.e. rent, utilities, Insurance, furniture, equipment, supplies, etc., adding thousands more to the monthly nut. What’s left?

All these office expenses each month make it very difficult for a small business trying to make ends meet, to make progress as well. Think of what you really need. #1- A live warm, professional person (that’s not you) to answer and forward your phone calls. #2 A place to have meetings and have your mail delivered. 

While it’s great having an office with all the accoutrements, it’s hard to justify the crippling monthly cost. Thus the emergence of multi-tenant-shared expense, satellite and virtual offices. An office physical or virtual starts off w/ a live virtual receptionists that makes the caller feel that everyone’s well acquainted and in the same office, no matter where in the country the client is. 

After a serious look at what you need to run your business, you may find that #1 is having your phones answered by a live professional receptionist to show the outside world that you’re bigger than you are. Who says it needs to be real? Tricking the imagination has been a staple of powerful marketing for centuries. Do you really need to spend thousands when you can hire a top quality professional live Virtual Receptionist from 8am to 8pm Monday – Friday for under $100 a month, to answer, service & forward your calls to wherever you want them to go? 

Perhaps you may not get certain things that come with a traditional office, but with a scant fraction of the cost you can afford to hire out for those things and still save thousands each month. 

Go Virtual Today! Simplify, Save & Succeed! 

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