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Are Call Answering Services Profitable For Your Small Business in 2021?

If you’ve ever wondered whether a call answering service is a profitable avenue for a small business or entrepreneur to pursue, the short answer is yes. The long answer is that it’s all about who you do business with.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs have phones that need to be answered and clients who want to talk to a live receptionist instead of a voicemail. A call answering service can help your business become more profitable in a number of ways, beginning with how they treat people, including their own employees.

Hiring a Supportive Call Answering Service

Finding a supportive call answering service is the right way forward. The best companies not only support you, but they support their employees as well. Low turnover rates mean better training, which translates into higher quality service to your clients. It means your chosen call answering service is at the top of their game at all times because their employees know they are valued and valuable members of their company.

Every call answered for you results in a client or potential client who is already pleased with the service provided to them because they know they are also valued. When calls are answered promptly with a warm, genuine greeting, your clients know they’ve come to the right place to do business. It’s essential to hire a company with low turnover rates to ensure you have the most highly trained people answering your phones.

Warm, personal, professional employees don’t grow on trees, they are fostered by a company that understands that in order for their business to grow, yours needs to as well. A company that thrives on philanthropy and discovering new ways to help and support others is an excellent partner to move forward with.

All the Benefits of a Receptionist – Without the Cost

Numerous businesses have found that by increasing their response time to calls, their business increased as well. Amber Gerry, of Greenlight Residential, found herself unable to handle the number of inbound calls. Using a call answering service literally “…saved the day.”

If you’ve found yourself wishing for a receptionist, chances are, you’ve already done the research on what you’d need. Rent for a physical office, insurance for the building or space, wages, health insurance, the list could go on.

With a call answering service, all you pay for is the time they are on the phone with your clients. Some, such as USAnswer, take it even further by charging to the second instead of rounding up.

As a matter of fact, studies have shown that 80% of people who are sent straight to voicemail hang up. A call answering service captures every phone call to your company, ensuring that each person receives personal, personable attention.


Working with a call answering service can increase your business by making sure no calls are forgotten or left unanswered. Find one that is as excited about your business as you are. With the right support, your business can grow from a one-person operation to a full-fledged company.

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