Small business owners can never find enough time in the day to get everything done. They have to market their services, close sales, do the work, do the billing, do collections etc. etc.

Often times, some small businesses have one secret weapon that allows them to trounce their competitors.  When I started my own environmental engineering company and commercial banks began requiring hazardous waste assessments before they financed commercial properties, I captured relationships with most the major lending institutions by doing educational seminars at each of the banks locations. The key to this was that none of my other competitors where doing this and they didn’t know that I was.

In today’s world, when most everything is done on the Internet, there is a secret weapon that at least 85% of most small businesses are not using.  According to SMB Digitalscape, 60% of small businesses do not prominently feature their number on their home page.  Of those that do, several studies show at least 85% of their callers go to voicemail. All you need to do to beat out ¾’s of your competition is to 1) feature your telephone number prominently on their home page and 2) having your phone answered live when calls come in.

With new cloud-based live answering services emerging , that are leveraging the latest technology, like Main Virtual Office and US Answer, are offering savvy entrepreneurs the ability to have their phone calls answered live and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of traditional answering services.

About US Answer

US Answer is cloud-based answering service and mobile app built on the and 8×8’s cloud-based Contactual software.  More information can be found at