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Security Printing Prince Edward Island

Rainbow Printing

3 Jones Court
Sussex NB E4E 2S2 CA
+1 506-433-2877

When choosing a company for security printing in Prince Edward Island, make sure your printer is using state-of-the-art software and materials that will safeguard your printed products to avoid counterfeits. At Rainbow Printing, we know that the bar is constantly being raised to keep up with the times. Trust us for the highest quality of security printed materials.

Shipping Dimensioner

Cargo Spectre

2222 North Wayside Drive
Houston TX 77020 US
+1 832-463-0606

How much money can a shipping dimensioner save you each month? Find out when you invest in Cargo Spectre- the premier automated system for dimensioning and weighing parcels and pallets. Outgoing inventory no longer requires manual measuring and weighing- Cargo Spectre even records results into your system.

Vendor Information Security Management

Kuma LLC

10432 Balls Ford Rd
Manassas VA 20109 US
(800) 993-7027

As a leading global consultancy specializing in privacy, security, and identity management, Kuma LLC is committed to providing comprehensive and tailored support for vendor information security management. We understand the critical importance of securing vendor information to ensure the overall security posture of your organization. Our proactive approach and best practice innovation principles enable us to liberate organizations from merely complying with regulations to achieving heightened states of governance in privacy and security, including vendor management. Our services encompass practical and approachable solutions, including guidance on implementing privacy policies and practices, creating a solid and scalable security foundation, and simplifying the highly technical identity industry. We also assist in the development of security and privacy policies and procedures, administration of security and privacy training programs, and conducting comprehensive audits and achieving certifications. With our expertise in industry-specific certifications and strategic go-to-market advising, such as NIST 800-63-3, DIACC, and UK certifications, we are well-equipped to address the unique challenges of vendor information security management across diverse industries. Our commitment to business excellence, cultural and social responsibility, and diversity, equity, and inclusion further reinforces our dedication to supporting organizations in navigating the complexities of vendor information security management with confidence and strategic insight.