Alternative Data

Alternative data is data gathered by investors from non-traditional sources. Analyzing alternative data enables a company to obtain faster, more precise insights beyond what traditional data sources are able to provide. Over the past decade, the increase in computing power and use of smart devices by most consumers has led to significant growth in data generation.

As a result, many firms are now collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and monetizing data, offering it as a product that could impact investment decisions. At CloudQuant, we provide alternative data sources that outweigh traditional risk scores, enabling you to have a more comprehensive view.

How We Make Sense Out of Alternative Data

The demand for alternative data continues to soar, with investors realizing the vital insights from data. As one of the top data firms in the world, we know all too well that alternative data is unstructured, hard to get and integrate, and even consume. But thanks to our expertise, we’re able to leverage non-traditional data to provide timely and unique insights to help with investment decisions. This gives our clients a competitive advantage. How?

Say you’re an owner of a successful business, thanks to your in-depth understanding of the local market. If you’re planning to expand your venture, it can be quite challenging to penetrate a new market if you don’t have the appropriate data to influence your decisions. This is where our alternative data comes into the picture.

We’re able to obtain rich data that can provide granular, updated details, which traditional datasets lack. Using our data, you’ll be better placed to make smarter decisions for your new business and develop the finest investment strategy. We’re continually perfecting and streamlining how our clients can access and use top-of-the-line alternative data, saving them months of work and enabling them to get ahead faster.

We have a platform where data scientists, engineers, management consultants, executives, and investment researchers can easily and quickly access clean, harmonized datasets and use them to build models, test hypotheses, and so much more.

With our alternative data, you can:

  • Discover questions for your new business that require answers
  • Analyze the questions
  • Find data sources that can help you answer those questions. Even though other data sources may not provide the latest insights you need, they still give you a starting point that enables you to gauge and verify the granular data you have.
  • Verifying findings. It’s important to triangulate various data sources to obtain the most relevant and up-to-date information that helps them get the best investment opportunities. Validating data requires combining different alternative data sources to fill the missing gaps.

As a global corporate or financial services client, you know first-hand how vital insights are. For this reason, accessing our alternative financial data sources can prove quite valuable in your decision-making and growth journey.

Reach Your Target Market Faster

No matter if you’re looking to boost your strategies in retaining your existing customers or want to reach consumers typically regarded as very hard to come by, our alternative data sources at CloudQuant offer information that extends beyond the capabilities of traditional credit scoring. Schedule a demo:



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