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About Us

US Answer, the front desk of small business, is the premier cloud based professional, live answering/forwarding/scheduling service for small business solopreneurs, from all walks of life across the country and beyond. USAnswer has been in business for over 7 years and have upgraded progressively along the way. We present ourselves NOT as a call center or an answering service, but as Your “Personal” Receptionist. We will answer your phone calls professionally and warmly, with the intent of giving your callers the impression that we’re all in the same office, intimately involved with your business.

There are currently over 50 Million solopreneur small businesses breaking away from the corporate work structure. The middle class is mending and on the move. This is great for society The biggest problem these small businesses face is the insane expense of running a business, i.e. Rent, Payroll, Utilities, Insurance, supplies etc.

Don’t let your competition steal your business. USAnswer’s cutting edge system, and our professional, up-beat receptionist staff and Reasonable rates, are second to none in the market place, for literally Thousands less than a traditional full-time receptionist.

Simplify, Save & Succeed today. Hire USAnswer today- The Front desk of small business.

Laurence A. Kelly
CEO/ Founder