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5 Reasons Phone Answering Services for Small Businesses are Critical for Success


Your small business is your pride and joy. Something you have cultivated and grown from the ground up. You put your heart and soul into it and stop for nothing in order to succeed. Looking at the right phone answering service for your small business may be the next step in building your empire. Below are the top 5 reasons phone answering services for small business are critical for success.

• Phone answering services are critical for success in many ways. First and foremost the first impression your clients receive always comes from your reception and how you inbound your calls. If this is not professional and properly executed you will lose business before you can even ask for it. When you hire the right phone answering service you can expect to receive both of these because this is what we do day in and day out.

• Leads from your clients are critical for success. If you miss a lead your competition is likely to receive it. The right phone answering service will have the technology to not only take messages for you but also be able to get their clients the messages quickly and through email and text message. The faster you can respond to your clients the more likely you are to win their business.

• Voicemail is a thing of the past and if your client is not greeted by a friendly receptionist then you are likely losing business. Clients want someone to talk to even if it is simply to take a message and give a likely time that they will receive a return phone call. This will keep them from going to the competition and this is one of the top reasons phone answering services are critical for success.

• Small businesses also must compete with larger companies but with a fraction of the spending budget. Larger companies can pay up to 3 grand a month for a receptionist whereas hiring a phone answering service you can generally find for a fraction of the price. When you run a small business appearance is everything and hiring the right phone answering service will allow you to look like the bigger companies on the outside but when you open your wallet you are saving thousands of dollars. Also the right phone answering service will have the right technology to make sure your clients never know the difference between an in house receptionist and a phone answering service.

• You can control your setup and change it at a moment’s notice. There is no training that needs to be done in house. With a phone answering service if you want to change how your phones are answered or how you receive your key messages simply let us know and we will take care of the rest. When you run a small business you don’t have time for this kind of training. Let us do the work for you.

Where will you take your company in 2016 and what kind of growth potential do you have? You will never achieve peak performance unless your client’s first impression of you beats the competition. Are you at a level where you can step your game up and add a phone answering service to your business plan? If you are companies like USAnswer can work with your business and help you grow. Together we can all succeed and make 2016 our greatest year yet.