5 Reasons an Answering Service Is Perfect for Doctors, Lawyers, and Small Businesses

While every professional industry has its own set of needs and requirements, there is one thing they all have in common—the need for more business. However, if you are a solo attorney, private practicing doctor, or a small business owner, you probably have your hands tied up with plenty of other critical tasks. In an age where instant gratification is the new normal, a missed call means a missed opportunity. Whether it be a new patient, client, or patron, a reliable answering service will not only help you land more opportunities, it will also help you cultivate meaningful relationships. Below are a variety of ways our versatile team at US Answer can help make a positive impact on your company.

Phone Answering Services Help Instill Trust

Whether an individual is going through a medical emergency, experiencing legal trouble, or simply wants more information about a product, they all have the same end goal in mind—to be heard. By utilizing a highly qualified phone answering service you will be ensuring that the people who are seeking your business will be answered. This competitive advantage will not only allow you to collect messages, but also to make long lasting connections.

Available Longer Than Competitors

Simply by employing an answering service, you can be available for almost all hours of the day. If you are a lawyer or a doctor you can defer to a phone answering service for all of the times you will be with a patient or in a trial. By making sure someone is always ready to answer prospective leads, you will boost your reputation, referral rate, and ultimately build a client or patient relationship before other leading competitors.

Saves Money for Small Business

While hiring a full-time receptionist may seem like a good idea at first, the reality is that it actually can create more damage than good. With a limited window of availability and a weighty paycheck that is attached to the position, it is often more cost effective to outsource to a dependable answering service on an as-needed basis. This strategy can help small business owners keep the lights on.

HIPAA-Compliant Answering Services Available

For all medical and doctor offices, US Answer offers HIPAA-compliant answering service for doctors within a multitude of health care divisions. We have a highly experienced staff that will field patient calls and ensure their messages are recorded accurately and appropriately.

High-Level Service Regardless of Your Location

While a receptionist may not earn the largest paycheck in the company, they do have an extremely important role to fill by giving a first impression. It can often be difficult to find an individual with the right amount of skills to fulfill this role. In fact, a receptionist with low patience and poor people skills may be secretly costing your company a lot of money. With the help of our team at US Answer, your business will receive top quality service for a fraction of the price.