Small business owners across the country are faced with having to make important fiscal decisions from the very beginning of their professional endeavors. Having a limited amount of resources and a large amount of responsibility, it can be difficult to determine where to cut back. Often a busy business owner will look for administrative support and hire a full-time receptionist to help with everyday duties that involve a lot of client facing interactions. While you may be thinking you can’t afford to miss any client calls, you may also be thinking you can’t afford a full-time employee to answer them either. By hiring a virtual receptionist you not only will be able to cut significant costs you will also be able to ensure support exactly when you need it the most.

Save on Employee Training

While the idea of hiring a full-time dedicated staff member to help with client services seems like it could be beneficial, many small business owners beg to differ. If you are on a budget and need office support, odds are you will most likely be hiring an entry-level position. Entry-level positions often need a lot of hand holding, energy, and investment. Instead of spending so much valuable time and money on the development of one individual, spend your time accomplishing important company goals and hire our highly-skilled virtual receptionists at US Answer. Our team of virtual receptionists have a wide-range of professional experiences that acclimate to any industry. We also offer assistance at all times of the day, allowing you to gain support when you need it the most.

Save on Paid Leave/ Vacation Days

In hiring a full-time employee, not only will you have to financially support their time in the office, but you will also have to support the time they are away from the office too.For a small business owner it can be hard to provide that kind of reimbursement. If you hire our cost-effective virtual receptionists at US Answer you will be paying less for more guaranteed service.

Save on Annual Salary Increases & Bonuses

Even if you hire a full-time receptionist that fits in your budget right now, that salary number is bound to change. In today’s world salary increases and reviews are expected biannually. What may have felt like an affordable expense could turn into something unmanageable over time. However, at US Answer we offer flat rate packages with one set price. You can control the amount of our services depending on what works for you and your spending plan.

Save on Health Benefits

Most full-time employees look for a company that can provide partial if not full reimbursement on their health benefits plan. An obligation this expensive could run your small business thousands of dollars per year. However, if you opt for a more affordable solution like our virtual receptionists at US Answer you will be instead boosting your income while considerably cutting costs.

If you are a small business owner looking for client services support. Reach out to our customer care specialists at US Answer. We will be happy to find a custom plan that works for your specific set of needs. Reach us by phone at 855-250-1541. We look forward to hearing from you!