4 Ways a Telephone Answering Service (1)

There’s a lot that can be said about making a good first impression. If you are a small business owner then you probably know the truth behind this statement all too well. From the first moment a prospective client contacts your company they need to be met with professionalism, respect, and given undivided attention. In spite of this, many small business owners are faced with a multitude of responsibilities and can’t be there for every single client call.

Research has proven that nearly 70% of customers will hang up if they are sent to voicemail. However, with a reliable telephone answering service in place, you can make high quality connections with prospective clients at a reasonable cost. It’s crucial to be mindful of your company budget and keeping expenditures low, but investing in good communication is one of the most effective ways to cut costs, make long lasting impressions, and increase your ROI.

Hiring a qualified telephone answering service can actually be the secret key for successful profit and boosting your company’s bottom line. Listed below are the some of the various important reasons your small business should start using telephone answering service and stop missing out on opportunities to save money!

No Employee Overtime for After Hour Calls

With a telephone answering service in place, your company can take calls, messages, and orders at all times of the day, even after you are “closed.” A telephone answering service can help you stay accessible while all of your competitors are closed for nights and weekends. With the help of a telephone answering service you won’t have to worry about paying for employee overtime or weekend hours.  You can have the answering service at your disposal at all times of the day, for nearly a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Saves Money on Hiring a Full-time Receptionist

It’s normal for small businesses to not have room in the budget for a full-time receptionist, despite it being one of the most necessary roles to their business. Luckily with a telephone answering service you can control how much and how often they will work for you. With the flexible plans and prices, you will have complete autonomy on how much you want to spend on the answering services, all without having to provide a full salary.

Supports You to Manage Your Schedule

As a small business owner, most of your time is probably spent expending cognitive energy on planning how and when things should be done. However, a telephone answering service can do more than just record messages and answer phone calls, they can also help you manage your schedule too. Having extra support to organize your weekly initiatives will free up your time, increase your productivity, and allow you to continue making connections to increase sales.

Saves Money on Legal Resources

With the option to have calls recorded on every client interaction, you will be able to keep a detailed record of all exchanges. Like many other large expenses, most small businesses have limited legal resources, but will remain protected through call recordings in the case of an unwanted legal squabble.

If you want to improve your client interactions without breaking the bank, please reach out to US Answer today at 855-254-0040. We are willing to work within your budget to help you keep costs down and spirits high!